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Education and Careers

There are many opportunities to study political science in Canada and a lot of resources on the Internet to help with your studies and your career employment search. Jump to the education links below to find out more about where to study and the journalism, law, and public administration degrees that would be useful to do after a B.A. in Political Science. 

Need help writing a research paper? Connect to reference resources for essay writing - essay-writing help sites, on-line dictionaries, grammar aids, quotations, and a thesaurus. 

Connect to sites that provide information about scholarships and ways of funding your education. 

Many job opportunities are open to students with a political science degree. This section of the political science site will provide you with links to job postings, job-search advice, places help you write your résumé. Jump to the career links below to find out more. 

Read Statistics Canada's report on University Education: Recent Trends in Participation, Accessibility and Returns for an idea about employment rates and average salaries for a range of degree graduates. 

Visit links to job-hunting resources on the Internet - even on-line job postings and applications! 

There are also a number of teachers' resource sites on the Internet that are designed for political science instructors and provide support for teaching in general. 


A wide variety of policy and administration positions in the provincial and federal civil service - or international organizations - might suit you. 

In addition, policy analysis for nonprofit organizations and interest groups requires the knowledge of government structures and processes that a political science degree should give you. 

Similarly, some graduates take up careers in journalism, where their knowledge of politics is invaluable. Many other political science students take a law degree and work either for government or in the private sector. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education hosts The Career Network, which provides a wide range of resources to help those interested in academic careers in colleges and universities - including hundreds of job announcements. 

For a detailed review of career options, connect to Leslie Pal’s Career Guide for Political Scientists, prepared for the Canadian Political Science Association.

Find Employment with Canadian Governments

Canadian Employment Sites

U.S. & International Sites



An important part of preparing for your job hunt is getting your résumé in order. Several sites on the Internet provide guidelines on what to say and how to organize it: 



Political science can be matched up as a minor or major subject with many others, including: business, communications, criminology, economics, geography, history, sociology, and international languages. With a degree in political science, you can take more specialized degrees in journalism, law, or public administration that can open the doors to many different careers. 

Links to Universities and Colleges
On the Internet, you can connect to universities and colleges in Canada and around the world. These sites will provide information about the programs you can study there as well as admission requirements and procedures. There are many general sites for finding links to universities world-wide: 

CampusAccess provides a wide range of information and support to those wanting to study at Canadian colleges and universities. 

Campus Tours: Virtual College Tours

Christina DeMello's list of over 3000 Colleges and Universities

CollegeKey has links to U.S. and Canadian universities and scholarship information. 

Peterson's: U.S. Colleges and Universities

Pol-Cy Guide to US and Other International Political Science Departments

U.S. College Admissions from

Yahoo! - Colleges and Universities

In Ontario, students should connect to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre for the centralized procedure of applying for admission to an Ontario university. See also the Ontario College Application Service for admission to community colleges. 

British Columbia
You can now submit applications for admission to many of the universities and colleges in British Columbia over the Web. 


Links to Political Science Graduate Programs 

British Columbia

Alberta Saskatchewan




New Brunswick Newfoundland

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Community Colleges




Master of Public Administration

Note: the information about graduate programs was taken from the universities' Web sites and is current to September 15, 1997. 





Blackboard.Com provides a wealth of resources for teachers, including free sites to Web sites for courses. 

Poly-Cy Guide to Teaching Resources links to a range of material including syllabuses to assist instructors of political science classes. 

The Teachers' Lounge - general support for teaching 

World Lecture Hall Political Science links to a number of classes with Web support. 


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